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Are you a professional brewer, home brewer or just want to dive into the world...
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Are you a professional brewer, home brewer or just want to dive into the world of brewing? Our brewing course is designed to please each of you! Within two or four weeks, you can both improve your skills and acquire new ones. This brewing course is truly unique, because you will not only listen to theoretical lessons, but also directly participate in all the production processes of a traditional Czech brewery (in the process of learning, students brew beer in two breweries - a commercial volume of 4,000 liters and an experimental volume of 25 liters). You will find out what raw materials are used for the production of classic Czech beer, and you will discover all the secrets of the decoction mashing, thanks to which Czech lagers are the best in the world.

The course curriculum consists of:

1) Raw materials for the production of bottom and top-fermented beer:
a) water;
b) malt;
c) hops;
d) yeast.

2) Practice and theory of the brewing process (varieties of bottom and top fermentation):
a) preparation of raw materials;
b) the production of beer wort;
c) the process of hopping beer wort;
d) purification of the beer wort from protein suspensions and hop residues;
e) preparation of wort for the main fermentation.

3) Control over the process of main fermentation of beer.

4) Beer maturation.

5) Beer filtration.

6) Beer pouring in kegs.

7) Beer bottling in glass and PET bottles.

8) Hygiene and sanitation brewing production.

A two-week course costs 2,000 euros, four-week 3,000 euros.

The cost of the course includes:

1) theoretical and practical classes;
2) textbook;
3) translation services.

If you have any questions, don`t hesitate to contact us via email or mobile +420 773 152 421

Brewing course The secret of Czech brewing techniques