Basic Beer Course...
This course is specifically designed for beer enthusiasts and amateurs. In one day you will...
Advanced Beer Course...
This course lasts 2 days and will include: 2 days of immersion in the brewing...
Beer Tasting.
Become a skilled beer taster! In 6 hours you will learn: the main points of...

About Prague Beer Academy

Prague Beer Academy (PBA) is a European beer school and consulting center, established in Prague by experts in brewing. Study the best practice and the brewing traditions of the Czech Republic, Bavaria and Great Britain, from leading Czech and European tutors. Only PBA offers exclusive educational courses that fully correspond to the requirements of the brewing experts in the European Union. The courses are taught in Czech, English and Russian languages, and simultaneous translation is provided (more details about our courses).

In addition, we give professional advice on the brewing market of the Czech Republic: assist in sourcing brewing equipment; help negotiate brewing equipment contracts; and host speeches and lectures by industry experts and beer sommeliers.

Educational Courses

A series of educational courses consisting of a general background course (Basic and Advanced), beer-tasting, beer sommelier (the beer sommelier course does require evidence of previous study.) and homebrewing. These courses are all designed for HoReCa professionals, serious devotees and beer enthusiasts.

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Beer consulting on the Czech market

Naturally, the Czech Republic produces excellent brewing equipment. Historically, this combined with Czech craftsmen, who are not just pushing buttons in modern beer factories, but following their hearts to make unique and delightful brews. The Czech producers have a significant reputation on the world market that is why the purchase of the Czech brewing equipment is a reasonable and rational decision. If you are planning to start up a beer restaurant then the international reputation of Czech brewing equipment minimizes the risk to your business PBA experts will help you to choose the equipment manufacturer in the Czech Republic, meeting all your technical and financial expectations. In addition, PBA will help you during the purchasing process.

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Beer Events

Are you visiting Prague for the first time and do want to find out about Czech beer? Perhaps, it’s not your first visit, but you would like to learn all about it? Are you planning a party or corporate event? PBA can help you to complete your event with your very own beer festival, including beer sommeliers, or a lecture on unique and unusual beer. We don’t offer a standard beer shows, our beer sommeliers will please you with their professionalism and teach you about the fascinating world of beer.

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