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Beer consulting on the Czech market

Naturally, the Czech Republic produces excellent brewing equipment. Historically, this combined with Czech craftsmen, who are not just pushing buttons in modern beer factories, but following their hearts to make unique and delightful brews. The Czech producers have a significant reputation on the world market that is why the purchase of the Czech brewing equipment is a reasonable and rational decision. If you are planning to start up a beer restaurant then the international reputation of Czech brewing equipment minimizes the risk to your business PBA experts will help you to choose the equipment manufacturer in the Czech Republic, meeting all your technical and financial expectations. In addition, PBA will help you during the purchasing process.

We can assist with hiring of professional brewers. Allow PBA to help you find a real professional to ensure the highest quality of your brew create a basic beer style to work for you on a regular basis or simply, when you need the expertise. Czech brewers are among the best brewers to help you create your beer.

If you are dealing with beer import, PBA has contacts within the best breweries of the Czech Republic and Moravia. We can recommend the best Czech beer and guarantee the best prices. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will find the best beer contractors for you.

Beer Events

Are you visiting Prague for the first time and do want to find out about Czech beer? Perhaps, it’s not your first visit, but you would like to learn all about it? Are you planning a party or corporate event? PBA can help you to complete your event with your very own beer festival, including beer sommeliers, or a lecture on unique and unusual beer. We don’t offer a standard beer shows, our beer sommeliers will please you with their professionalism and teach you about the fascinating world of beer.

Consulting on the selection of equipment for the brewery

Our group of companies "Prague Beer Academy" is an association of colleagues working in the beer business in the Czech Republic and includes professional brewers, entrepreneurs and engineers. We implement projects on a "turn-key" basis of breweries starting from the stage of selection of the brewing equipment manufacturer, and until the search stage of professional brewers to work and the pilot launch of the brewery, including the development of unique beer recipes. Our consulting services are divided into different stages and this is the package "Consulting on the selection of equipment for the brewery."

We are partners of the best manufacturers of brewing equipment from the Czech Republic, Germany and Hungary. This means that we are able to select the best one for this equipment under our customer's request. We help you to make a valid request for brewing equipment, according to your needs (infusion or decoction mashing, process automation, the number of beers, density of future varieties of beer, the presence of filtering lines, bottling and pasteurization etc.). Then we meet with the managers of brewing equipment manufacturers and conduct initial negotiations. Within 3-5 weeks, our partners are preparing their offers. We treat them and send you the best of them.

In fact, we are your representatives in the European Union before the brewing equipment manufacturers, and you do not need to participate in the tedious search for the manufacturer and all the nuances of the negotiation process. We accompany you on all levels of the negotiation process and in the case of reaching an agreement with the manufacturer you contract.

We also provide consulting and other important services, such as the selection for the Brew Master at the brewery, the development of unique beer recipes etc.